Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Whats hot and whats Not

So, today, I thought I would try something new, (who am I kidding, this is all new! ^_^) and I am going to post things I have seen out and about that just drive me nuts! (some in a good way, some in a bad way) and I thought I would have to show you. So here goes!!!

Whats Hot: Layers! I love them. Even though it is summer, and you may be a bit hot, (in many ways) but still. Who has ever worn a tank top with some kind of layer over it? Exactly!

Whats Not: Crocs! If you are not farmiliar with crocs, good for you. They are rubber shoes that are comfortable and come in many different colors, but they make your feet look 3 sizes bigger then average.

Whats Hot: Shorts with leggings! Have you ever worn or seen someone wear a pair of short-shorts with leggings under them? See? Leggings are a great way to snazz up a pair of normal shorts.

Whats Not: Overly ripped shorts! Don't get me wrong, rips are fine when it comes to jeans and shorts, but not Too much. It is not fashionable, it makes you look dirty and unsophistaced.

Whats Hot: high waisted shorts! They are slimming and go great with a cropped shirt or blouse. Denim or even cotton, you have to remember that if you are wearing it with anything other then a cropped shirt, just so all the attention is not drained from them, You have to tuck them in. Remember that, and you can be a fashionista!

Whats not: Fur everything! Ok, let me get something straight. I hate fur coats. I think they are messy and looking like an animal is wrapped around you. I hate to think of where the fur came from, but it just looks awful! And then if you get it all messed up,  do you comb it?  I dunno, but if you do, will you please comment???

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