Saturday, June 9, 2012

Intro to my blog, and a taste of whats ahead

Hello, and welcome to Fashion from a 5th grader! Come here for everything from what's hot to what's not. Here is just a taste of what you'll find in the future on here:
This is an absolute GORGEOUS pic of Erin Heatherton @ the 2012 CDFA awards. This is an amazing color (on of my Faves) and the shoes go great with it. I can't tell if the top is leopard print, but this picture looks great.

     But like books, (which I luv as much as fashion) not everything has a happy ending. Meaning, not all posts are going to be complete praise, like this:

Another picture @ the CDFA awards, this time of Ashley Olsen. This is a nice color on her, but the fitting is off and her hair looks kind of messy. the ruffle at the collar is an interesting flair, but it gives this dress even more boredom. Even more then history class! (~yawn~)

I do not mean to be rude or judgemental, just doing what I luv. Thanks for reading!
                                                        -JQA (5th grader)

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