Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hot Nails!!!

Well,  I was in a pickle yesterday, trying to come up with a post for today. And then it came to me, Nails!! (it probbally helped that I was getting my nails done, but oh well :3) So Nails it was. Now, here are some of the hottest nails of the season:

This is a very big trend these days, where you only paint a little of the nails and leave the rest blank.  This is really pretty and whimsical! I love it and want these nails for myself!!

These are really cute and fun colors! the sparkle is another popular trend these days. And who doesn't love rainbows?

I love the purple color on these nails. The pattern is also exquisite! The only thing that throws me off is how long they are, and they might chip easily because of that.

These are really cool. It is like crackle, but it doesn't look like you messed up and tried to go over it, and messed up even more. (sorry, but I just dont like crackle.) The colors also look amazing with eachother. A+

I Love this color. It is my favorite, for future references. I am actually not sure if the sparkle is added or comes with the color on the nail, but It looks great anyways. Simple yet elegant.

This is not a common thing these days, and I'm surprised it's not. This is really cool-looking, and it seems easy to do as well. I love the colors used, and overall, it looks great!

I hope you enjoyed my nail-post. I am sorry that it might be a little until my next post, because I am traveling. But who knows, I might even do a special post on Tennesee fashion! Because southern fashion is a completelty different thing then Chicago fashion.... Thanks for reading!!

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