Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Best Dressed of the MTV movie awards!!!

Hey guys... Sorry I'm a bit late on the post. 16 days ago, the MTV movie awards where taped, full of celebrities in gorgeous dresses and suits. And, as a minor fashion blogger, It is my duty to show you these hits. The first one is no one else but Kristen Stewart (winner of best kiss).


Jenna Dewan, you look really pretty. All the colors together look great. Your hair looks sort of like a small mullet, but otherwise you look really cool.

Mila Kunis. What is up with the sheer? You made it on the best dressed list because those are great colors on you, and Your hair, shoes, and everything else looks great except the sheer on the bottom.

Peplum Peplum Peplum!!! I love that dress. Red + Blonde hair= Gorgeous!! love the shoes, too. Nice one, Charlize theron!

Shes a blonde now? I liked her better with red hair. The colors look great, and the shoes are cool too.  Emma stone a blondie.... 0_0

That's all, folks! (Anyone recognize that?) I hope you liked this post. Remember to stick around, because hopefully I will someday become a blogger who people actually follow. Please comment and like this site!
                                                     -JQA (5th grader)

Monday, June 18, 2012


Hey! So sorry I could not post for a few days. Like I said, I would be on vacation. And I decided that all my posts are not going to be all "Best dressed of the Oscars" Or "Whats Hot and Whats not" and stuff. I am a 5th grader, so I decided that I had to tell you about my favorite (and fashion related!) computer game, called stardoll. In stardoll, you have a medoll, (that looks like this)

(I don't know who's this is...) And your Medoll you can dress up with clothes you buy. You can play games and dress up celebrities, and customize your home. Check it out today!

                                                               -JQA (5th grader)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hot Nails!!!

Well,  I was in a pickle yesterday, trying to come up with a post for today. And then it came to me, Nails!! (it probbally helped that I was getting my nails done, but oh well :3) So Nails it was. Now, here are some of the hottest nails of the season:

This is a very big trend these days, where you only paint a little of the nails and leave the rest blank.  This is really pretty and whimsical! I love it and want these nails for myself!!

These are really cute and fun colors! the sparkle is another popular trend these days. And who doesn't love rainbows?

I love the purple color on these nails. The pattern is also exquisite! The only thing that throws me off is how long they are, and they might chip easily because of that.

These are really cool. It is like crackle, but it doesn't look like you messed up and tried to go over it, and messed up even more. (sorry, but I just dont like crackle.) The colors also look amazing with eachother. A+

I Love this color. It is my favorite, for future references. I am actually not sure if the sparkle is added or comes with the color on the nail, but It looks great anyways. Simple yet elegant.

This is not a common thing these days, and I'm surprised it's not. This is really cool-looking, and it seems easy to do as well. I love the colors used, and overall, it looks great!

I hope you enjoyed my nail-post. I am sorry that it might be a little until my next post, because I am traveling. But who knows, I might even do a special post on Tennesee fashion! Because southern fashion is a completelty different thing then Chicago fashion.... Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Whats hot and whats Not

So, today, I thought I would try something new, (who am I kidding, this is all new! ^_^) and I am going to post things I have seen out and about that just drive me nuts! (some in a good way, some in a bad way) and I thought I would have to show you. So here goes!!!

Whats Hot: Layers! I love them. Even though it is summer, and you may be a bit hot, (in many ways) but still. Who has ever worn a tank top with some kind of layer over it? Exactly!

Whats Not: Crocs! If you are not farmiliar with crocs, good for you. They are rubber shoes that are comfortable and come in many different colors, but they make your feet look 3 sizes bigger then average.

Whats Hot: Shorts with leggings! Have you ever worn or seen someone wear a pair of short-shorts with leggings under them? See? Leggings are a great way to snazz up a pair of normal shorts.

Whats Not: Overly ripped shorts! Don't get me wrong, rips are fine when it comes to jeans and shorts, but not Too much. It is not fashionable, it makes you look dirty and unsophistaced.

Whats Hot: high waisted shorts! They are slimming and go great with a cropped shirt or blouse. Denim or even cotton, you have to remember that if you are wearing it with anything other then a cropped shirt, just so all the attention is not drained from them, You have to tuck them in. Remember that, and you can be a fashionista!

Whats not: Fur everything! Ok, let me get something straight. I hate fur coats. I think they are messy and looking like an animal is wrapped around you. I hate to think of where the fur came from, but it just looks awful! And then if you get it all messed up,  do you comb it?  I dunno, but if you do, will you please comment???

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Tony Awards 2012

Well, as you may already know, last night was the Tony awards! Many fashion crisis's were held, as well. But some turned out right! Read on to find out about these hits and misses:
This is a picture of Amanda Seyfried in a multi-colored dress. I honestly luv the hair and makeup, and the clutch compliments the dress well.But the colors are just too much.

I'm not sure if that is lace or not, and sorry the pic is not good, but this dress on Cynthia Nixon looks great. It makes her look skinny, and the plunging neckline looks nice, and the bag goes well with it.

Bernadette Peters looks great in this dress. It is an amazing color on her and very elegant.

This is a picture of Elena Silvia Roger, in a sparkly tan dress. This color looks like the basically same color of her skin, and what is up with the metallics these days? Not everyone can rock them like Heidi Clum. Her hair is a mess too.

This is a picture of Judith Light in a gorgeous, elegant cream dress. All the colors go great with each other, and her hair looks amazing too. Not to mention, the dress is long sleeved! I have noticed that is a huge trend these days.

Audrua Mcdonald, I love this dress. Normally, one shoulders make me cringe, but this looks amazing. Simple yet elegant.

Ummmmm, how old is she? Because even I don't wear pigtails these days. Anyways, this is Da'Vine Joy, and in a pretty black dress. I like it, and it goes well with the shoes, her hair, and her skin tone, but I think if i were her I would want it to be floor-length.

 So thats all, folks! I hope you enjoyed this post, and laughed along with me at some, but in case you didn't catch the tonies last night, and the whole point isn't the dresses, I'll tell you who won and for what.
                                                     JQA (5th grader)

Best Musical: Once
Best Performance by a leading actress in a musical:Audra McDonald
Best performance by an actress in a leading role in a play:Nina Arianda
Best performance by an actor in a leading role in a play:James Corden
Best performance by an actor in a leading role in a musical: Steve Kazee

Sunday, June 10, 2012


So I don't know about you, but STRIPES ARE IN! Seriously, have you seen old navy? If you don't believe me, check out these pics of celebs in stripes:
This is a picture of Cheryl Cole, (in stripes) and red pumps. Normally I would criticize the hair, but maybe that was the look she was going for?!? Anyways, horizontal stripes are slimming, too.

Eva Mendes in a Black and white striped mini dress:  I love the dress. I luv how it is just simple black and white, and the bag complements it well.

Gabrielle Union in a red and black striped dress with a navy (?) blazer: Red is a great color on her, and with the jacket it looks seriously great. I'm not sure about the earring, but there is no such thing as perfect, is there?

So I hope you agree that stripes are in. And they can work wonders on your body shape! Just remember that if your tall and skinny, horizontal lines are better. If you are short and, well, not-skinny, then vertical lines are for you.
                                                 Thanks for reading!
                                                       JQA (5th grader)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Intro to my blog, and a taste of whats ahead

Hello, and welcome to Fashion from a 5th grader! Come here for everything from what's hot to what's not. Here is just a taste of what you'll find in the future on here:
This is an absolute GORGEOUS pic of Erin Heatherton @ the 2012 CDFA awards. This is an amazing color (on of my Faves) and the shoes go great with it. I can't tell if the top is leopard print, but this picture looks great.

     But like books, (which I luv as much as fashion) not everything has a happy ending. Meaning, not all posts are going to be complete praise, like this:

Another picture @ the CDFA awards, this time of Ashley Olsen. This is a nice color on her, but the fitting is off and her hair looks kind of messy. the ruffle at the collar is an interesting flair, but it gives this dress even more boredom. Even more then history class! (~yawn~)

I do not mean to be rude or judgemental, just doing what I luv. Thanks for reading!
                                                        -JQA (5th grader)